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25 May 2005 - 18:19
South-east Asia release dates for the album
As moderator Macphisto has announced a few minutes ago on the lenemarlin.com forum, Lene's new album will be released in south-east Asia too. On June 13th it will be in out in Honk Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea and India. The album is also scheduled to be released also in Thailand (July), Taiwan and China (August).
So, summing up all the release dates for "Lost In A Moment" in each country, we have:

JUNE 8th: Japan
JUNE 13th: Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, India
JUNE 17th: Italy
JUNE 22nd: Sweden
JULY 4th: Germany, Austria
JULY 25th: Holland
AUGUST 17th: Finland
SEPTEMBER: United Kingdom, France

JULY: Thailand - date to be confirmed
AUGUST: Taiwan, China - date to be confirmed


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