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18 May 2005 - 18:59
'How Would It Be' world contest: THE WINNER
Yesterday the subscriptions deadline for the "How Would It Be" world contest expired.
To win the contest it was needed to guess the total timing of Lene Marlin's new album, or at leats to get the closest to it.
Well, we've got a contender who did guess exactly the total timing of the album! The winner of the 'How Would It Be' world contest is Andrea Dasso from Lavagna, Genoa, Italy, who has given the exact answer: 45 minutes and 18 seconds! Congratulations to Andrea, who will receive via mail the promo cd. Let us quote, among the 95 participants who got the closest to the right answer, Tiziano from Ariccia, Rome, Italy (21 secs far), Antonio from Corbetta, Milan, Italy (45:32), Wai Sing Mok from Harbin, China (45:30), Lory from Salerno, Italy (45:33). Maurizio from Novara, Italy (45:28).

The contest had a great success: answers arrived from Italy, Norway, Spain, Hong Kong, France, England, Sweden, New Zealand, Holland, Finland, China, Switzerland, Uruguay, Australia. And since we want to repay your loyalty, tonight we will straight be opening a new contest, the prize of which will be another 'How Would It Be' promo single! Check this page out later for all the details!


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