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10 May 2005 - 22:10
Exclusive Lene.it news & NRK interview
We are happy to bring to you other exclusive news, obtained from Virgin Italy by our correspondents.

First of all, as Lene herself confirmed in yesterday's intervew on NRK P3 pubslihed a few hours ago on lene-marlin.no, the album is various, and contains both slow and fast songs.
We can reveal that the album contains a track we have already heard, though re-arranged in a different way (and this could be the reason for the 11 tracks instead of 10). It also contains the slow, moving piano ballad which can be heard at the beginning and at the end of the documentary in the "Another Day" DVD. This time the album ends with an uptempo excerpt, not with a slow melancholic song.
The titles of the songs tell the album moves in the way of the more happy and serene feelings dominating both the first single and the way Lene presented herself this time around. After all, Lene is remarking this shining mood she's in also on the NRK interview, where she says it's always nice to feel this way (and this denies the assumption that Lene can write music only when she feels sad!).
Some other little revelation: the album was to be entitled "Eyes Closed" at first, and that is the reason for the different title on many Japanese releases. Then the title was changed into "Lost In A Moment" and a new song was chosen as the first single.

As we have already announced, Lene will be in Italy in June on many shows. Still, we didn't tell you that Lene will be in France (and in Paris too), before coming to Italy: French fans will be very happy of that!
In general, it seems that the promotion for the new album, as the moderator from the lenemarlin.com Forum told and Lene herself did confirm yesterday, will cover several European countries. The over-atlantic option appears as much harder, but really big projects might be planned together with StarGate.
Concerning this, in yesterday's interview, Lene told how she met the StarGate team, and confirmed that the reason was originally to write a couple of songs to be included in the Danish cartoon movie "The Ugly Duckling". Spontaneously, Lene felt it was the right time to write something new, and so a brand new album came out totally naturally. Although, concerning the film, Lene says it will take time to finish it, and it's not even sure some of her excerpts will be included in the original soundtrack from the movie.
Lene reveals also that originally her new album was not planned for 2005, because she had planned mainly to write lyrics for other artists, that is something she says she wants to keep doing. Fortunately for us, fans, all of this is put off now :-)
Lene in the interview confirms that the forthcoming times will be full of promotion and travels, for many countries seem interested in her new work, and that she's been thinking a lot about a tour, too.

Finally, last but not least, another Lene.it exclusive: it's one of the official promo pictures of Lene in high resolution (1600x1200 pxls), to make your desktop wallpaper beautiful. Other photographs coming soon!


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