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02 May 2005 - 12:33
New version of Lene.it
Lene.it has been renewed! Now it opens with a someway new homepage. First of all, the new picture of Lene, standing for the passage from the "Another Day" era to the forthcoming album, "Lost In A Moment".
The central column has undergone a reorganization: on top, in the News section, the link to the "earlier news" has been added, which will let you scroll fast the headlines from the last months' news, finding them in just a few seconds. The orange icon RSS, that you might have seen on other websites too, is the port to the RSS feed of Lene.it news. If you don't know what it's about, you can take a look at this guide.
The former Lene.it Features is now Headlines, that is the summary of all the most important things at the moment.
The new Updates section will bring to you all the other updatings: the last articles from our Press Review, the next events Lene will take part in, and all the new features from Lene.it (modified pages, etc.)

Plus, you will find other changes, many pages now up-to-date, and a slightly different graphic, which we hope you will like! And, last but not least, today we launch the Support Lene section, which will, thanks to the help and contribution of all the fans, contain many hints on how to request Lene's songs on radios, musical television networks, and how to vote for her on the web!


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