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30 April 2005 - 14:34
Lene: "It's a natural development"
In the interview after the world premiére of the "How would it be" video yesterday on NRK1 Topp20, Lene answers to a question from a girl in the audience, saying that her music has gone through a natural develpoment. It wasn't anything forced because Lene, as always, has let her creativity flow, letting it carry herself.
About her new look, Lene again plays down, and even jokes about it, telling (after a question about her curls) that she just put the plug in the wall and used a curling iron.
Lene shows the same attitude towards her lyrics too, revealing only that it's about the usual themes, and after some pressure form the host, she laughingly answers that there are no new topics, she just took a lyric form the first album and put on new music.
As in the previous interview, Lene admits that keeping the secret was indeed necessary to her, in order to avoid expectations and pressure also from her record company, but on the other hand she had a guilty conscience for lying even to people close to her, and that's why letting her secret go last friday was so a liberation.
Lene is aware that in the last times there were many people who knew about it, despite she had tried not to tell anybody, not to have then to ask to keep the secret about it.
You can read the transcript from the interview here


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