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29 April 2005 - 22:06
Lene between rock and sentiment in her video
Lene's new video "How would it be" was premiered today on NRK Topp20. Here you can find the storyboard.

It opens quite newly, in a bedroom. Lene is sitting in the bed wearing a white lace top and green trousers, while standing in the room is an oriental featured boy who is leaving. Lene gets up with a sorry face, but the guy throws the room key on the table and exits. Lene lets herself fall heavily on the bed and starts singing.
It seems clear that Lene is singing about a love story which is over or close to the end, but this she does with no rage, just asking herself a lot of questions about the choises she's made.
In the following sequence Lene is sitting, then leaning on the door-jamb, while the boy is wandering in the streets, confused.
The sequences are alternated on the choruses with scenes from the band and Lene playing.
The boy halts in a park and turns back looking at the house. Then he's sitting next to a telephone box, uncertain whether to take off his ring, and looks at the phone box again. Lene goes to look out of the window, takes out of an old box a picture of them together and puts it on the table, then sits down waiting, with a telephone at her feet.
Right after, in one of the scenes of Lene playing with the band, a glass with chinese symbols is filmed on the foreground.
The following sequence is the most romantic: Lene, lying on a sofa, covers up herself with a red sheet (an evident symbol of love), and the camera films her under the cover, where there is also the boy, to whom Lene gently smiles, caressing his cheek.
It's of course a flashback scene: Lene gets up hurrily, getting the sheet off herself. The following sequence is real, and even more surprising: Lene, still leaning on the door-jamb, feels that the boy has come back, and opens the door right when he is about to knock. After a smile full of complicity between them, Lene jumps into his arms.
In the end though, the boy goes away for good: he leaves with the box full of his things, while Lene, now dressed in a different way, goes to look at him out of the window. There is another smile between them, which though turns somewhat bitter on his face, as if they're still on good terms, but their story is over. In the last scene, Lene is leaning again on the wall, smiling regretless now.

It's definitely a "new" video, maybe slithgly less original, but it shows a really grown up Lene who is telling herself more intimately, letting all her femininity shine.
It's a very romantic video, recalling somewhat the tenderness and even the story and the structure of the "Another Day" video, which was played by children, though alternated with a Lene singing in the foreground with a band behind her and a mircophone as a support. Here there is no microphone, and Lene gets even much closer to the camera playing her electric guitar, confident and smiling.
The video is well done, and Lene displays again good acting skills, so the opinion cannot but be very good.

Click here to dowload the interview and the video (55 MB) from NRK1.
You can dowload only the video in good resolution (original version) by clicking here (7.56 MB)


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