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25 April 2005 - 17:10
Lene: "Lost In A Moment is the best record I've ever made"
Lene Marlin's new album, entitled "Lost in a moment", came about by chance. Lene tells that she was working on another project, in team with producers StarGate from Trondheim, but it went so well and the songs kept on coming that before she knew, it had grown into an album. "It's my secret album" she laughs. "It felt like I was making my first record all over again. I didn't tell anyone about it. My record company didn't know what I was doing. I wanted some peace and quiet and I didn't want anyone interfering. I wanted to do it my own way. I could relax and enjoy working on the songs without any pressure and I think you can hear that on the album"

For her third album Lene has torn up the rulebook. Usually the record company has control over the whole recording process. This time the songwriter from Tromsų showed up at EMI not with some demos, but with a finished record. "I just gave it to them and said 'here it is, it's all made', but luckily after listening to it they were kind enough to say they felt it was the best album I've made."

The relatively rapid appearance of Lost In A Moment reflects how comfortable Lene has grown in her role and how confidently she's taken charge of her own destiny. "It's difficult for me because I'm so close to it," Lene says when asked to describe Lost In A Moment. "I can't stand back and review it. But everybody who's heard it seems to think it sounds very fresh and positive and relaxed and real. That's because when I was making it there was pure happiness. It seems like a very natural development from the last record."

The newness in this album is StarGate, three Norwegian producers with a huge name and experience even beyond the national borders, towards whom Lene says great words: "They brought so much to the table and they seemed to have an intuitive understanding of what I wanted. We didn't plan to make an entire album together but we worked so well and the songs kept coming and it just grew."

The result is an album with an impressive cohesion in its sound, but which also displays a huge variety of different moods and flavours. From the up-tempo first single How Would It Be and the strings-with-beats of Never To Know to the haunting piano ballad It's True and the ringing guitar changes of All I Can Say to the melodic rocker Wish I Could.

It's 11 songs where Lene's strong character comes out: "I felt really comfortable making the record with nobody telling me what to do. Whatever I felt like doing, that's what I did. It's me at ease. It wasn't planned but when it happened, it felt so right. I really believe it's the best record I've ever made."

Let us recall that Norwegian radios have started airing Lene's new single How would it be, and next week Norwegians will be able to see the video, which as far as Lene.it has known, has been shot in Oslo by directors who have already worked with Kings Of Convenience.
The single's cover will be in colour, and we hope to be able to show it to you during the next days. In case there will not be delays, www.lenemarlin.com is scheduled to be re-launched today.


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