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13 April 2005 - 18:30
Lene on the "Sadie Nine Show" on BBC Radio London last March 2nd
In an entertaining and unexpected interview, hosted by Sadie and Tony Moore, to Lene Marlin and Steve Balsamo form The Storys last March 2nd on BBC Radio, Lene seems to resume contacts with the English musical market, left in 2000 due to known reasons, but anyway impressed by the single "Sitting Down Here".
Unluckily her second album "Another Day" wasn't almost released in the UK, and even Lene herself doesn't know exactly the reasons, but the future looks hopeful. This can be read in the people's admiration - which we do share absolutely - to Lene's live performance of "My Love", an unplugged version - only guitar and voice, like in the Norwegian concerts last December.

The interview was put online on the Storys' website and is divided into different files.
After the usual uncertanties about the pronunciation of her name, Lene specifies the total amount of album she has sold so far: 2.2 million copies, though she later tells that "Another Day" has sold nearly 600.000, so the total could be around 2.4 million.
Lene also tells that she's been writing songs all the time, though she never writes thinking how could a song be welcomed by the radios or the charts... but actually, we did not need her to say that, nor we needed her to be asked that, did we ? ;)
Lene seems fairly on hand about a concert in London, for she loves playing and singing live, she seems kind of infected by that need whenever she sees someone so talented playing live.
She is praised for her gift of writing so good lyrics, considering that English is not her mother language, and for the way she sings live, even at a quarter to three in the morning!

This is a brief summary of this interview, where Lene has offered us another stunning live performance, after the historical session at Sound Republic, on Sept. 23rd 1999.

Let us thank very much indeed Steve Balsamo for making this interview possible, and Ben Messenger for marking out the Storys' web page with the interviews and the live performances.


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