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24 January 2005 - 13:17
The 'Venn' band on 'Først og Sist' TV show
Friday the 21st, during the evening show 'Først og Sist' on norwegian TV NRK, the full band was invited on show to sing live the song 'Venn', composed to help the Asian peoples whose countries have been struck by the tsunami last December.
In the first line were all the artists perfoming lead and main vocals in the song, among whom there was our Lene, who appeared to be concentrated and happy as well.

It's significant to point out that this show was one of the many ways to push the sellings - which we hope to be in great numbers - of the double CD of which 'Venn' is the opening track. The album will be in stores in Norway from tomorrow, January 25th.

This is the tracklist from the double CD 'Venn':

CD #1:
1. 'Venn'
2. Bertine Zetlitz - 'Fate'
3. Anne Grete Preus - 'Kom oftere, kom!'
4. Bjørn Eidsvåg - 'Vinterland'
5. Odd Nordstoga - 'Borga i ur'
6. Maria Mena - 'Shadow'
7. Annie - 'My Heartbeat'
8. Anja Garbarek - 'Stay Tuned'
9. Maria Arredondo - 'A Thousand Nights'
10. Morten Abel - 'Don´t Forget Me'
11. Jim Stärk - 'Morning Song'
12. Karen Jo Fields - 'Embrace Me'
13. Maria Solheim - 'Too Many Days'
14. Sigvart Dagsland og Jan Toft - 'Blåsenborg'
15. deLillos - 'Fullstendig oppslukt av frykt'
16. Dadafon - 'And So We Have To Say Goodbye'
17. Gåte - 'Kjærleik'
18. Sondre Lerche - 'Two Way Monologue'
19. Minor Majority - 'She Gave Me Away'

CD #2:
1. Secret Garden - 'You Raise Me Up'
2. Thomas Dybdahl - 'From Grace'
3. Thom Hell - 'So You´re Leaving'
4. Karin Krog - 'Hymn To Joy'
5. Jan Eggum - 'En natt forbi'
6. Agnes Buen Garnås & Guttorm Guttormsen - 'Den uskyldige'
7. Bendik Hofseth - 'Deep River'
8. Sissel Kyrkjebø - 'Sarah´s Song'
9. Silje Nergaard - 'Be Still My Heart'
10. Sondre Bratland -'Fløytelåt'
11. Annbjørg Lien - 'January'
12. Beady Belle - 'When My Anger Starts To Cry'
13. Sidsel Endresen og Bugge Wesseltoft - 'Nightsong'
14. Arve Tellefsen - 'Veslemøys sang'
15. Leif Ove Andsnes - 'Vél Komne med æra'
16. Mari Boine - 'Boadan nuppi bealde'
17. Vamp - 'Våken drøm'
18. Rolf Wallin Utdrag fra 'Strøk'


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