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14 January 2005 - 09:12
Photos and chorus lyrics from "Venn"

We shall thank our friends at lene-marlin.no, for we can already bring you the lyrics from the chorus of "Venn", with the English translation. Here it is:


Jeg kan være en venn
Jeg ser at du faller
Jeg ser at du faller
Du vil reise deg igjen [x 2]

English translation:


I can be a friend
I see that you are falling
I see that you are falling
You will rise once again [x 2]

From the very late news we know that the lyrics (which were written by many authors) had been already finished last monday: the recordings of the song have been going on all this week, and the approximately 60 artists who gathered yesterday evening did record the almost defnitive version, the title of which will name also the charity deeds financed by this project to support the tsunami victims in Asia.
Among the artists who participated in the song are Sissel Kyrkjebø, Bertine Zetlitz, Maria Arredondo and Kurt Nilsen.
The whole passage will be aired on TV2's early morning show today. There will be also a videoclip, a part of which consists of sequences shot during the recording session last night.
The double CD with the song "Venn" will be in stores in Norway from the end of January and will cost about 125-130 NOK (i.e. about 16 EUR).

Lene and Espen Lind arriving at Rainbow Studios in Oslo yesterday evening: they said they are happy with the final result.


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