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13 January 2005 - 21:35
"Friend", a song for the victims in Asia
"Venn" (Friend) is the title of the song Lene Marlin and Espen Lind have written the music of for the victims of the Asia tsunami.
The lyrics are by many people - the only name that came out so far is author and musician Jo NesbÝ - and the artists who will gahter tonight at Rainbow Studios in Oslo to record the song are said to be close to one hundred. Many of them will probably sing together along the choruses or perform as backing vocals, as it often happens in such cases.
The song, the lyrics of which are in norwegian, will not be given out as a single, but will be the opening track of a double CD that will also contain earlier released songs from the past. The sales of this double CD will be the main money-collecting canal to help the Asian populations, but there will be incomes also from the publicity on TV and from the radio airplay of "Friend".
We have to specify that the funds collected will be assigned totally to the Norwegian Red Cross, which is active near Banda-Aceh, Indonesia, one of the most hasrhly hit zones in Asia.


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