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06 October 2004 - 01:08
First of all, we have to say that the concert tour of the trio Lene Marlin, Morten Abel and Bertine Zetlitz has been organized by Unit Management together with the booking company Megafon AS.
Tickets for all the concerts are available starting from today, October 6th, at 10.00 hours Each ticket costs 425 NKR + 25 NKR in addition.
For all tickets infos at: Billettservice/Posten tel. 815 33 133 / www.billettservice.no
For the first concert in the Tennishallen at Tjensvoll in Stavanger are being put out 3000 tickets.
For tickets of the second concert, at Oslo Spektrum, you can call directly Ticnet tel. 815 11 500 / www.ticnet.no or Oslo Spektrum tel: 815 11 211 / www.oslospektrum.no

Altogether, there will be put out 25.000 tickets for the six concerts, but since very likely there will be a high request, Pernille Torp-Holte at Unit AS imagines that there could be one or more extra-concerts.
Pernille also reveals that we'll know more details about the content of the concert tour during a common press conference of the 3 artists in Oslo on Friday, October 15th.


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