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02 August 2004 - 21:19
Tour maybe 2005, Lene's manager will tell us
Last week our webmaster and some other fans of Lene.it have been on holiday in Norway, from Tromsų to Oslo :-)
In Oslo he talked with Gyro Leira at EMI Virgin's offices. She confirmed him that they still don't know anything new about Lene's first tour and it seems it won't happen very soon.
But just in the same days we received an e-mail from Alistair Norbury, Lene's manager, who thanked us once again for our continued support for Lene, telling us she's very happy and healthy and that's very important for her to know that she has a great support from all her fans, and guaranteing us we'll be the first to know when there will be some news :-) They know we all want to know what is happening, wrote Alistair too. Ok, memo? ;-)
Some other news: we had finally confirm from Gyro that Lene received her Eastern flower-basket (thank you again staalorm!) and from Virgin Italy they told us that single "Sorry" sold around 1,000 copies in our country.
That's all for this month, we presume. Happy Holidays to everyone!!


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