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15 April 2004 - 12:00
Easter gift for Lene: mission accomplished!!
Today a great THANK YOU from the staff of Lene.it goes to Torstein-staalorm of Lene-marlin.no
It’s simple. Without his help we’d have hardly succeeded in delivering to Lene our Easter present of this year: a wonderful flower basket.
Here’s a beautiful pic of it:

And to be honest, staalorm let us also spare a lot of money, even if that was the last of our worries in the organization of this little enterprise.
Staalorm has done everything: he’s gone to the florist, has buyed the flower basket (adding a small card on which he wrote: "For Lene Marlin" - "Good Easter from your Italian Fan-Club") following our instructions and the fixed day he has delivered it to Madame Gyro Leira at Virgin Norway’s offices in Oslo, taking a photo to the florist outside the flower shop and one in front of a Lene poster at Virgin, as you can see.

Here you can find his own account of that “mission” :-)
If you needed, another great confirmation of the friendship and collaboration which exists between fans of Lene all over the world, and in particular between the Norwegian staff of Lene-marlin.no and the Italian staff of Lene.it

We'll let you know when the gift will be handed to Lene, hoping she won't give a look here or at Lene-marlin.no before :-)


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