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25 February 2004 - 12:07
EXCLUSIVE: Translation of the Chinese lyrics of "Sitting Down Here"
As you know, some months ago the Chinese singer Sandy Lin published among the songs of her new album a cover of "Sitting Down Here", one of Lene's first hits.
Thanks to this cover of Sandy Lin, which had great success, last autumn also Lene's popularity increased much in Asia, particularly in China, where her new album "Another Day" and the single "You Weren't There" have been among the first places in the charts for many weeks.
Now, since Lene one time was wondering what the Chinese lyrics were saying -and we were wondering too- we've done our best to translate them.
Thanks to our Sunn, we can now provide you with the version in Pin-Yin (Chinese in Latin letters, but unfortunately letters a,i,o with inverted circumflex accent are not visualized) and the translation in English of the first strophe and the refrain of the song.
We can already tell you that the text remains a bit obscure, but has its own charm. Anyway, we really couldn't do better!

Click here to listen to Sandy Lin's cover

W zu z zh l kn zhe sh jin li gu

N p w hu i shng zh g jio l
Zh kn zhe w r z do zen me gu
Ren li ren wng ch m, y shn me yng gu
Lo fng z wn hua shu, t shu shn me?
Yu shu d shng yn yng shng w shn me
Yu shi hn qng m m rng w jng xng dng p
Chung ku zhng yn jng, shu b dng hu li qun gu.

W zu zi zh l kn zhe sh jin li gu
W de shn hu b hu zi ze l tng gu?
Zhen zi zh l hu b hu l bi zhng fng?
Dng ze zh l hu b hu zu zhng mng?
W zu zi zh l hu fu yu ji gu?

I'm sitting down here and I look this time flowing away

I'm afraid of walking on this way
I'm thinking how to spend my time
People come and go rubbing between themselves, something is being done
The old house asks to speak, what does it say?
Someone's voice makes me feel something
Someone hides his feelings, your actions count a lot to me
Windows have eyes, maybe my soul has decided to stay here.

I'm sitting down here and I look this time flowing away
May my soul stay here and wait?
Standing still may we be toghether another time?
Staying here, could it be that I am dreaming?
Sitting here, may my dreams come true?


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