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24 February 2004 - 20:47
Confirmed by Virgin Norway Lene’s tour in Europe this spring
On the basis of the news we spread one week ago, concerning the Italian dates of Lene’s first tour in the period following Easter, and of the suppositions of a beginning of the tour in Norway around March, with a possible extension to other European countries besides Italy, the Norwegian newspaper Nordlys has interviewed Hans Olav Grøttheim, chief of EMI Virgin Norway. Although he doesn’t add something new, in actual fact he confirms the journalist the news given us by Virgin Italy: "- I might say that what you're refering to from Italy isn't that far from the truth."
Still he reveals that there are some dates on paper yet, but not confirmed, that’s why he can’t say more at this time. But he makes clear that Lene has a great wish to play in Tromsø, her native town, and adds that the tour will reach several other countries in addition to Norway and Italy (but without specifying “European” countries!)
No comments for the moment neither on the likely small dimension of the clubs she will play in, but Lene herself has stated several times that she wants to play in intimate places, with less people but more “in touch” with them. Then, in an interview that appeared yesterday on Dagbladet, Lene had specified that she’s still a bit afraid to meet the audience, especially if it’s too big, so she probably won’t play in front of more than 1,000 people every time.

A great thank you to Lasse Jangås and those at Nordlys for the good work.
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