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07 February 2004 - 14:27
Cover and tracklist of Lene's new single "Another Day"
Here's the European cover of Lene's new single "Another Day", the same of the Norwegian promo.

The tracklist, taken from Virgin Germany, is the following:

1. Another Day
2. It's All Good
3. Faces

As you might see, as always 3 tracks (we believe 2 in Norway, perhaps "Another Day" + "It's All Good") and a beautiful choice, with the song "It's All Good", unpublished on album. But you can already find it, only on DVD, together with "Enough", "Hope You're Happy" and "Sorry" live.
We do really hope that the new single will achieve at least the same result of "You Weren't There" in Norway and Italy and have more success in other European countries.
Best wishes to Lene!!!


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