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26 November 2016 - 15:48
"Free" is no more available - an update
Some of you may have noticed that, soon after our last news, "Free" was no more available on SoundCloud.
We are sorry for all the fans who will not be able to listen to it anymore.
We owe you some explanation about this. We asked co-author Jesper Mattsson some information about the song. However, that brought to his attention the fact that the track he uploaded was publicly available, whereas it was not meant to be distributed: it is in fact one of the results of a collaboration between him and Lene (who was unaware of its publication) still waiting for a proper destination - that is, we shall not consider "Free" part of Lene's discography. Hence, Mr. Mattsson decided to remove the song, apologizing for the accident and asking for understanding, which we of course do. However, he was also glad to see our interest, which may encourage him to promote the song even more. So, maybe one day we'll get to hear "Free" again somewhere, and we could believe that would be somehow thanks to us too.
We heartily thank Jesper Mattsson for his availability, kindness, and honesty.


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