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17 August 2016 - 16:01
Another year goes by...
Dear Lene,
it's been a year since our last website update and, just like last year, by looking at our homepage one may think that nothing much happened. And well, this time that seems right, at least regarding media or public events. We haven't heard about you, but we've known you for enough time to guess that even away from the spotlight you are indeed keeping up with your projects (or simply living your life). After all, our affection never depended on how many records you've published, or how much you've been on tv, or what you do in your private life: that is why we are always here. Even in the silence, strong bonds don't break, and we believe that your new silence is and will be full of personal satisfactions. Whether the next year will be quiet or not, we wish you a year filled with love and with the best life has to offer to you.
Happy birthday Lene!


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