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28 May 2015 - 17:32
Lene Marlin - a woman in time
Tomorrow, May 29th, is a very particular day for Lene Marlin, and for her fans too. Lene will take part as a speaker in three conference events, entitled "Kvinner i tiden" (women in time): motivational talks will be given by known women (and men) from Norway sharing their experiences about topics such as job satisfaction and cooperation. The events will take place in Oslo on May 29th, in Troms° on June 5th, and in Bergen on June 12th.

Lene's speech will be roughly the same in all three dates, it will last about 45-60 mins, and it will focus on her story and all that came after the chronicle published last September on Aftenposten, in which Lene confessed that she had tried to take her own life in the early years of her career after her international breakthrough:

Lene Marlin - Living life as you want
- From the outside everything seemed perfect
- Getting lost in other people's expectations
- Not wanting to live anymore - and back
- Being aware of the right choices to find your happiness

After talking of her story publicly, Lene was praised for her courage and openness by almost everyone, from common people to professionals and politicians. The strength of her story was so touching that she received several awards in the weeks following the publication of the chronicle. Last October she was awarded the ┼penhetsprisen 2014 (Openness award 2014), for openness about mental health issues. In November she received the "Role model of the year" award from the Se og H°r magazine, and in December she was awarded again as "Role model of the year" by the KK magazine. Finally, last March Lene received the Fredrikke Award, The Norwegian Women's Public Health Association's Honorary Award.

Such a wide appreciation is indeed a recognition of the importance of Lene Marlin's testimony: by being open about suicide, not only she brought attention to it, but she brought hope to people who are struggling, encouraging them to seek help and not to give up. Such an intense response means also that in the end all the tears, the pain, the suffering from those dark times were not just a waste, that all the worst one can experience can be turned into something positive, into new possibilities for oneself and for the others too. This is what Lene Marlin has been doing in the last months, and for that she has our utmost admiration: even though we are speaking from the "fans' corner" represented by the community of lene.it, even though we have always avoided commenting on anything that did not strictly deal with Lene's music, this time we want to praise not only the musician Lene Marlin, but also the courageous and generous woman who is helping making some people's life better with her words and her story.

And now, after many interviews, congratulation calls, Facebook messages, and awards, Lene is about to face an audience in an intense unprecedented event: in "Kvinner i tiden" Lene is getting back on a stage to give to an audience a piece of herself, though this time it's not through songs, but through honest, powerful words. And that piece of herself contains also a piece of advice, and a piece of hope for all those who are struggling. We believe that even though recalling the difficult times will be painful, the good vibrations that Lene will receive will overcompensate the tough moments.

Congratulations Lene, from all your proud fans!


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