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22 January 2014 - 21:49
Sad moments
Lene.it participates in the sorrow for the sudden passing away, at 54, of Per Eirik Johansen, on January 15th. We have never had direct contacts with him, but no doubt that we owe him our gratitude. He was the man behind Lene's breakthrough in 1999. First with Virgin, then with EMI, he followed and supported her career as a friend, not only as a professional. Lene thanked him publicly in her recent sad farewell message on her Facebook page, stressing that Johansen never tried to change her when others wanted her to be what she was not. "The most important thing for us and Lene is that everything now ought to be pleasurable", said Johansen in 2003 in an interview to Aftenposten right after Lene's long-awaited comeback, a few days before her first performance ever, at the Oslo City. A mature and respectful attitude that we feel close to, and that we like to emphasize.

Sadly bad things, just like good things, often don't come alone. Our heartfelt condolences go to Lene for the loss of a dear friend of her, journalist and author Anbjørg Sætre Håtun: yesterday Lene wrote to her a touching open letter on Facebook. It's always sad when someone leaves us, indeed it's unconceivable and unfair when that someone still has so many dreams, and would deserve a whole life to make them come true.

Our deepest sympathy to Anbjørg's and Per Eirik's families, and to all who carry them in their heart.

Let us conclude this message quoting a thought Anbjørg herself shared on instagram a few months ago: "Start each day like it's your birthday". We feel it can help us think, and realize how precious life is.


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