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14 June 2013 - 19:48
Album ahead!
Lene Marlin is working in studio on a new album, this time in norwegian! We're indeed surprised, though news have been in the air for a while. First "Hver gang vi møtes", then the new version of Unforgivable Sinner, and then the collaboration with Ole Paus.

And thanks to Ole himself we now know of a new album ahead: in a radio interview Ole Paus reveals that Lene took a break from her project in studio to work with him on the song "Omfavnelsen" (which you can listen on the website of NRK radio, where Paus was interviewed).

Lene-marlin.info was the first to report the news, and still we've got few details. Rumours say Espen Lind could be working in studio with Lene. If we know Lene a bit, it might not be that strange to suddenly wake up one day with Lene's new album on our music player. Our star may seem hidden for a while, but when time is right she leaves us breathless!


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