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02 June 2013 - 20:18
Here's Lene!
We have been waiting for a new version of Unforgivable Sinner, and now we have it! Check it out on Sound Cloud. Those who participated in the online poll, received a message by Lene:

"The song is finally finished, and I had such a great time in the studio! I've done several different versions of Unforgivable Sinner, but this is the first time I've recorded one of them. I've thought about it for so long and finally I can give it to you. A different version; less instruments, less of everything. Almost like I'm right there in the same room as you, that's how close I want it to feel. Just to play a more acoustic version focusing on the lyrics. As I often do anyway, so why not share that with you? Well, here it is! Thank you so much for voting!"

We can tell it was exciting to receive an email from Lene Marlin, and it was even more delightful to find a song from Lene's 1999 first album in it. Less instruments, more Lene's voice: this time she's the main character in the whole song: even the rythm follows her voice. Many fans were satisfied with the result, as you can tell from the comments on the internet. Regarding this, check out also this article about Lene's colleague Espen Lind taking part in the recording session.

After Unforgivable Sinner, we can't wait to listen to Lene also in singer and songwriter Ole Paus' new album, out tomorrow, June 3rd. This last work, entitled "Oppgjøret" ("The end") is a three-cd set and will be the last in Paus' long and successful discography. In this occasion, Ole called several colleagues (among which Lene) and recorded this album with them. Lene has always showed sincere admiration towards Ole in the TV show "Hver Gang Vi Møtes", to the point of getting emotional during his performances. Can't wait for this!

Many thanks to fans Caterina and Knox for the updates!


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