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24 February 2013 - 10:25
I pass by, don't dare to stop!
Everything, even the most beautiful things, has a beginning and an end. The best things can move you so much that even the happy ending cannot but leave you with a bittersweet feeling, since it is happy, but in fact it's ending.

So, after eight weeks season two of Hver gang vi møtes has come to an end, with a more than happy ending. It was the duets' episode, a collection of memorable moments, from the musical embrace between Kurt and Anita in Friendly, to the Morten-style delirium with him and Ole in Tulipz. Then, whereas you would expect it from the first, it's the latter that delivers an almost historical dance. Among all this, a super elegant Lene performed with Kurt Engler i sneen, watched again by the author Ole who appeared both charmed and moved, supported by Marion's sweet glances, who turned afterwards into a tiger on the stage together with Magnus. We got everything in one night, as a summary of the whole season. Most of all, there was one dream come true: Lene live in a Playing My Game song (Where I'm headed in duet with Marion). Let's be honest, the earliest fans have been dreaming of this since ever, ideally as part of a concert that for obvious reasons never took place back then, and probably never will. It was like seeing again that little girl who, in spite of the cold artic region she came from, immediately warmed our hearts, as if a cycle was completed and everything could now start again. Words can hardly define the feeling inside - and in the end, feelings do not need to be explained. This time charts, sales and dice rolls just don't matter.

We couldn't ask more from this night and from the previous ones too. We will miss all of this. We will miss Morten and his true genius-and-recklessness attitude, Anita and her motherly sweetness, Ole and his class, Marion who almost freezed time for a moment with her version of Unforgivable Sinner, Kurt and his troubles with spaghetti, and Magnus. But most of all and everyone, we will of course miss Lene, listening to her and seeing her every week. Hver gang vi møtes was a special and unique event. Quoting Lene, we don't know where she's headed, but we hope she'll keep going and won't dare to stop. Whatever her future will be like, our heart will be with her. We'll be ready to follow her and support her to keep living the dream.

Thank you Lene.


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