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17 February 2013 - 14:44
I travel alone
In Italy the third Sanremo festival hosted by Fabio Fazio is over (by the way, congratulations to Marco Mengoni and Roberto Casalino, who co-wrote the winner song and is keeping up the successful work), whereas the last episode of Hver gang vi møtes, dedicated to duets, is just one week ahead.
The Sanremo reference is not accidental. It was the year 2000 when Fazio hosted his second Festival, and that year Lene Marlin was one of the international guests, promoting the third single from Playing My Game, Where I'm Headed. That was Lene's last international appearance for a long time. On February 21st she was performing on the stage of the Ariston theatre in Sanremo. Four days later she was on the stage of the Oslo Spektrum giving the speech after being awarded with four Spellemannprisen. That was the begin for us (for Lene in a kind of way it had already begun) of the dark period when Lene stayed away from the spotlight. Years after, when she opened up her heart talking about her difficulties and her fragility during Hver Gang Vi Møtes, we learned from her very voice how much those restless travels (among other things) pushed her against that wall. The travel back from Sanremo was probably the last international flight, the last stress, before the turnoff.
Jeg reiser alene (I travel alone) is the title of the song by singer, songwriter, actor and writer Ole Paus chosen by Lene to honour her colleauge in the seventh episode of Hver gan vi møtes. With a little help from translation tools, we can tell it deals with a lonely childhood and planes. Lene was still a teenager when she began her life on planes, first to record her songs, then to promote her album. She experienced directly that sensation of dizziness and loneliness she has described in recent interviews. Such a particular topic had to be expressed with a proper arrangement, intimate but darker compared to the sweetness of the original version. The intense atmosphere blended with Lene's light voice (which makes her interpretations so special) did not leave Ole Paus impassive, it almost freezed all the others and made VG give Lene a dice roll of 6, the best performance of the episode. We are once more proud of Lene's work, that gave us lots and lots of emotions in these cold winter nights.

As mentioned, the second season of Hver gang vi møtes is about to end; in many digital music stores you can buy the single episodes' compilations and the global compilation for season 2, currently on top of the VG lista after entering last week at #8. It contains 25 songs, including some duets. From Lene we find Rise to the occasion (by Kurt Nilsen), Don't forget me (by Morten Abel), Jeg reiser alene (by Ole Paus) and Engler I sneen (by Jonas Fjeld) in duet with Kurt Nilsen. However, the compilation from the eigth episode is interesting as well. It contains in fact the abovementioned duet with Kurt, and a duet with Marion Ravn on Where I'm Headed (you can listen to samples here and here). Let's stay tuned for an awesome last episode!

Finally, we welcome back Pegasus_TDCi in the Lene.it staff!


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