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10 February 2013 - 08:58
"Found someone" in norwegian
There's never been such a silence filled with admiration at the table of Hver gang vi møtes during a performance. This time Lene performed a norwegian version of "Found Someone" by Marion Ravn. The difference with the original version is not only the lyrics, translated into norwegian, but also the choice of the guitar instead of the piano. We know well what kind of magic takes place when Lene's voice is accompained by the sound of her guitar (just think of "Do You Remember" or "When You Were Around"). Marion's tears and the attention from all the group indeed stressed once more what a great artist Lene Marlin is. Enjoy!

Yesterday's afternoon, before this week's episode was broadcast, there was a promotional meeting for the album "Hver Gang Vi Møtes - Sesong 2" in a record store in Oslo, with artists from the TV show. Tef Johs was present at the signing session, and he brought our greetings to Lene. You may want to read his report on his website lene-marlin.info. We want to thank Tef for the collaboration and the constant efforts, his website is always a lighthouse for us and all the fans of Lene.
And here's the message Tef brought to Lene on the behalf af the whole fanclub, hoping to have condensed in these few lines the feelings of all the fans.

"Hi Lene, sadly this time we are not there but our support is as huge as it can be, even from a distance. We have been following you during Hver Gang Vi Møtes and all your performances have been fantastic! You gifted us with lots of emotions, which we hope to give back to you through our love. A big, big hug from Italy. Hope to see you again soon. Your fanclub"


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