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20 January 2013 - 11:13
Lene Marlin's day
Emotion, tears, happiness, surprise, admiration, pride, satisfaction. All of this was in Lene's eyes during the third episode of Hver Gang Vi Møtes, when she was honoured by her colleagues.
Her eyes; but they looked like our eyes, as if she could really "listen" to her songs for the first time, even with the awareness of the one who wrote them (and probably experienced them personally). We didn't write them but we feel them, and we have lived them. In them we can see our stories, our feelings, we can catch emotions that hit us right deep inside through her voice. And this is what exactly seems to have happened to Lene in this adventure. Part of those emotions that she has been conveying so far have been returned, renewed in the versions of her colleagues and touched her deep, like one of us. Seeing Lene listening to "Lene Marlin" and listening to her together with herself was beautiful and moving, more then what probably we could expect from the previous episodes. Almost hard to explain.

Six songs picked in pairs from three of her four albums: Playing My Game, Another Day, and Twist The Truth. The videos with the preformances have been uploaded, as usual, on TV2's website, right from the morning with a premiere of the episode, Sitting down here translated into norwegian and well performed by Magnus Grønneberg. The tv show opened with the wonderful version of Unforgivable sinner by Marion Ravn. Intimate until the bridge, which opened the way to an intense crescendo, both in the sound and in the interpretation. Following, Kurt Nilsen with a probably more personal than successful version of You weren't there. Then it was Anita Skorgan's turn with a Here we are not distant from the original one, confirming what seemed to be clear from the first episode (and was stated afterwards by Anita herself), that is, her world and Lene's one do have similarities. An elegant performace that paid a nice homage to the song and to Lene's style. On the other hand, Morten Abel's version of Do You Remember was definitely different from the original. The artistically "craziest" colleague of Lene couldn't have twisted the song more, and he couldn't have twisted it better: his version let us enjoy in a new and personal perspective one of Lene's most beautiful songs. And finally, tears time with Disguise by Ole Paus. Sure there couldn't have been a better tune, style, and look than his ones to perform this song. If Lene's tears meant a lot, her final laugh releasing the tension after the performance was even more delightful. Closing the espisode, Sitting Down Here as we told before.

Many of us would have liked to have seen and got more of this episode, in a day which turned out to be quite a happening in Norway. Lots of articles, interviews, videos published these days. In particular, we recommend the interview from the paper version of VG, fully translated into english by the back-from-the-dead lene-marlin.info (Yay!).

Just like the last weekends, the songs performed by the participants are topping the charts on iTunes, but even Lene's own albums are climbing the charts again! Truly outstanding, Lene Marlin's day!


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