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06 January 2013 - 08:53
Is it true? (2)
The title of the song sung by Lene a few hour ago (see last news) couldn't have been better for a piece of news we can hardly believe.
The same day we could see Lene singing live again, website lene-marlin.info has been closed down. Tef Johs himself, the owner and only chief editor of the website since 2008, told us about this and posted a message in his blog (which is still active) explaining the reasons are due to technical/hackers issues. Therefore the website will still be active, but only the blog will be there.
We are deeply sorry to hear this out of the blue, and to know the external causes is even more disappointing. Lene-marlin.info has always been a lighthouse for the international Lene Marlin community and for us, who many times have been checking it for news and material.

It's not fair to lose in such a way the amazing result of the work of one of the most active and passionate fans of Lene. We really hope things may change somehow, that the work carried out will not be lost and will go on in the future.
Our biggest thank you to Tef.


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