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06 January 2013 - 08:51
Is it true? (1)
The first episode of the second season of Hver gang vi møtes has just finished, and on the TV2 website the first clips have been posted, including the songs.
The protagonist of the day was Anita Skorgan and her six songs picked by her colleagues. The norwegian singer and songwriter has represented Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest a total of five times, and four out of the six songs chosen were presented at ESC. This was not the case of Lene Marlin, who chose the intimate and intense "Is it true?", from the 2008 Christmas album Julenatt (entitled Adventus in the international edition). Both in the melody and partly in the lyrics the song seems close to Lene's sound, and we can tell the reasons for such a choice.
Ole Paus - that goes without saying - gave again an intense interpretation of "For vår jord" (For our earth, of which Anita Skorgan wrote the lyrics) which again seemed to have touched our star.

Here's finally an article by Dagbladet.no about the last promotional meeting with the media, on January 4th. The article is not about Lene, but you can see her in the video (just click on the top picture with Lene and Kurt Nilsen).


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