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05 January 2013 - 11:09
"Hver gang vi møtes": let's start!
After months of waiting, tasty previews on the newspapers, videos and pictures found out on the net... TV show "Hver gang vi møtes", which will see Lene and other Norwegian artists sharing music and expericences, is finally here!

Tonight, January 5th at 8 pm CET on the Norwegian channel TV2, the first episode of the eight already scheduled will be broadcasted on TV.

The episodes of the reality show were recorded last August in a farm not far from Oslo. In each episode of "Every time we meet", English translation of the title of the show, one singer will play the part of the main character, to whom the others dedicate a tribute.

Some days ago we received some previews of Lene's tears on "Disguise" notes, played by Ole Paus, and today we come to learn that the two will be collaborating in the upcoming Ole's new album. This new experience has recalled a lot of memories, but also new perspectives, and is giving us a lot of enthusiasm, shared also by Lene. We are ready to taste every single episode, even from far away, relying on the Internet and hoping for a gift from the great Norwegian fans! Please, follow us on the forum and on our Facebook page.

We would also like to point out the video of last month's interview to Lene and Ole at the TV show "Senkveld"!


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