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22 December 2012 - 22:31
Stella (italian for "star") is a recurrent word in Lene Marlin's career. Northern star was her nickname almost from the beginning. Our star, like we called her many times. One star, one real star named after Lene was our gift for her during our meet and greet in Geneve. And Stella is the name of the magazine that features a long interview to Lene Marlin, who is also on the cover, on the January 2013 issue.
Once again, following the questions of journalist Randi Fuglehaug, Lene goes through the milestones of her career, this time though focusing more specificly than ever on the difficult period after her breakthrough and on how she got over it with the help of a psychologist: different and aware, mature and - more important - free, capable of saying no. To the point that she has refused almost all the offers from the show business in the last 10 years. And this is what we know well, what we appreciate about her, that confirms - but is actually a confirmation needed? - her way of facing things, day by day, working not for others' expectations, but for herself. The article moves then to sentimental and economic aspects of Lene's private life: from the relationship with her boyfriend Kåre Conradi - based on reciprocal independence - to the much less important one with the financial wealth she has gained so far. But music is the main topic of the interview. Lene is a songwriter and that's what she likes: writing songs, even exploring tunes further from her world, being able not to expose herself singing them. After all, her one dream came true in 1998, at NRK in Tromsø, and although she won't reject the idea of writing a new album for herself again, there are no plans. Everything has the right moment and every decision must come from the stomach and from the heart. Just like the decision to accept the invitation to the television show "Hver gang vi møtes" after she had said no twice (one in the first season and one in the second). This sudden "yes" indeed left us and her closest friend amazed. She was afraid she would regret doing it, but then - Lene says - it turned out to be an amazing experience.
At 32 Lene Marlin would not change anything of her past: she would do it all over again, all that made her become who she is today, just a bit differently.
The article features pictures taken by photographer Isabel Watson (watch them at lene-marlin.info), showing an always surprising Lene, a true fashion model.

As a fanclub, we are happy - and proud - that our work has been a guiding thread in the interview from the very first lines. We appreciate a lot that our efforts to keep this website and fanclub active and running have been appreciated, even through the many difficulties that we, both as individuals and as staffers, have been experiencing more and more. It's not easy to be (and to run) Lene Marlin's fanclub, but even though we may go through tough moments, it's the best job in the world. Passion guides us: the same passion we all can show and convey to Lene every time. We don't care of her albums more than we care of her comfort, and never felt she owed us anything. We have been here since 2000 to give rather than to ask, beacuse Lene had already given us something, with her music. We are her fans for what she has done, more than for what she's going to do (which indeed we find exciting and intriguing though). We love her and support her in order to give back all the good we've received. That's what a fanclub is about. We know her, and have always respected her for what she is, that is, first of all a person. Yes, we always had, as supporters, an intimate desire of being with her, like a group of friends: but with the same discretion that she herself had - and that we are confident she appreciated of us too. We believe this makes us good fans indeed.

Let us take advantage of this occasion to wish happy holidays (holidays that by the way have a star among the main characters) to all of our members, to our star Lene, to the staff of magazine Stella, which brought to us probably the most beautiful and open-hearted interview with Lene ever, and particularly to the talented (and shining) Randi Fuglehaug, whom we thank again for caring of our work (almost putting herself in our shoes), for dedicating to us so many unexpected lines and for making us feel that our efforts are appreciated.


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