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06 December 2012 - 11:20
Touching memories
It would appear to be re-opened wounds the reason behind the tears we spoke about in these days. This has been stated by Lene and Ole Paus at the Tv show Senkveld. In the article following their interview and published by seguito la pubblicazione del video del loro intervento e da quello pubblicato da lene-marlin.info, we got to know something more. Ole Paus translated and sang Disguise. The translation into Lene's mother tongue caused the fall of a filter between her and the song's words, which made her loose control. Lene could not avoid the tears and was forced to stop listening to the lyrics, which were so intimate and heavy, in order to not go too further.
We were used to a Lene who does not like to explain the meaning of her songs (more than once she declared that lyrics written in first person do not necessarily refer to a personal experience), but this time we had a confirmation about autobiographic lyrics. What surprised us the most, though, is the fact that the song, which is included in Lene's second album, would be written when she was 17-18 years old. This is what Ole Paus stated who, when he started to approach the song, realized its meaning and the emotive impact it could have had. It was easy to think the song was more recent. The theme seemed related to a newly found happiness after that black period, with all its bad rumours and lies, which followed the launch of the first album and caused Lene's withdrawal from the spotlight. In those years, Disguised appeared as a way to tell us she did not feel well, but that period was over and everything was to be decided. A sort of reassurance which repaid us for all our patient waiting for her comeback.
From the interview emerged some other aspects of Lene's life. After confirming she feels like an outsider (a thing confirmed by her naif way to live in the music world), she told that, when she was a schoolchild, during the lunch break she ran home in the laundry to sing her songs. It was for her a sort of escape which helps us to understand with an added detail why Lene writes music but keeps a distance from the success.
Coming back to the present, we are more than happy to see Lene in good shape and smiling, like she was during the Tv show (some captures below)!


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