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01 December 2012 - 15:46
Memories, memories...
It is not an usual Facebook message the last one written by Lene, as it does not speak about the weather or work. Scandinavian Airlines was about to declare bankruptcy and to disappear. Everyday we are surrounded by brands of Companies. Sometimes we do not realize it, but they become more than mere things and services to us. They become part of our lives. They represent something significant in a concrete way, This way, sometimes we feel close to them and they become deeeply linked to our memories. That is exactly what happened to Lene and the Scandinavian airline Company which travelled with her around Europe, In her post, she wants to share her sorrow and her hope that SAS will in the end avoid bankruptcy. This made come back some other memories she wanted to share with us.

It's weird what can stir up memories...

Scandinavian Airlines, a company that's always been there, who made me feel like I was home even though I was miles away... I remember being on one of my many trips around Europe, hadn't been home for weeks, but when I finally boarded an SAS plane I relaxed. Maybe it was the familiarity, the sweet people working there or the idea that this was the only flight left and then I'd be home.

Anyway, it made me happy! So, I never thought I'd feel so strongly about this; I hope that SAS will still be here tomorrow...

Do you have something that you've grown used to and you would feel sad to see it disappear? Like a building you used to pass on your way to school, or maybe even the school building itself :-) Or a certain type of ice cream that can no longer be found? I remember an ice cream that was shaped like a pyramid; three different flavors and you could only get them in a box of ten...ahh, memories...


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