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01 December 2012 - 15:35
A Lene you do not expect!
"The" Lene we are used to is a sensible, but also very reserved person. The one you do not expect, then, is the one who is among the participants (with other colleagues of hers) of a reality show. Mix everything together and you will get a moved Lene, who cries in front of the cameras of the TV show.
The news is reported by the newspaper seher.no, which together with the website vgtv.no and tv2.no published the preview of a promo video of the Tv show Hver gang vi møtes on which we reported a few months ago. In the clip, we notice a friendly and relaxed mood among the participants, who talk and joke. But there seemed to be also some touching moments, and Lene's one is among them, when she was moved by Ole Paus singing one song of hers.
The link to the promo video is also contained in a post of Lene's Facebook page, in which she tells us about her participation to the yesterday's show Senkveld med Thomas og Harald on TV2 (the same channel which will be broadcasting the reality) in order to speak about the new season of Hver gang vi møtes, on air next year.
We are becoming more and more courious!

Lene together with Ole Paus (picture taken from the Facebook page of Senkveld med Thomas og Harald)


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