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02 September 2012 - 16:26
A full of energy message from Lene!
Lene thanks the fans for their birthday wishes and writes a long message on her Facebook page to let us know about the beginning of her experience in the TV programme "Each time we meet"! We have copied and pasted the message here below.

Thank you all so much for your birthday wishes!!! You're so sweet!!! 32! Wow, another year's gone by...
I didn't really celebrate as I had to leave for the making of a TV - show, Hver gang vi møtes. Just came home yesterday. It was such an amazing experience! Getting to know other artists, play their songs and hear their versions of my songs! We woke up around 6.30 - 7.00 in the morning, and then we usually finished around midnight. It was impossible to go straight to bed after that, so we spent at least one hour just talking and relaxing with no cameras present. So even after talking the whole day we needed to talk some more :-)
5 of us shared a house where we had breakfast and where we met before dinner. From my bedroom window I could see a pond, another house and the barn where we performed and ate lunch and dinner. It was so beautiful and peaceful!
We each had "our own day". Ex. when it was my day, the other 6 performed my songs. 3 of them performed at lunch, the other 3 at dinner. I was woken up early and the cameras followed me more than they usually did, more interviews etc. I'd come up with an activity before lunch, then I had to wear headphones and listen to music so I couldn't hear people having their soundchecks. The whole point was not to know which songs they were gonna sing. Then lunch and performances. After that we had another activity, then more soundchecks and a late dinner. In between there were lots of interviews and rehearsals.
I had such a great time! It was intense and there were times we wished we could sleep a couple hours longer, but we got so much energy from each other and the good people that were around us! I have to say the crew and everyone involved did such a great job! And everywhere I looked there were smiles!
The place was so secluded, I had no use of my phone or computer. And I loved it :-) Just to be able to walk between the houses, see horses and sheep, sit next to the pond and simply hear the silence! Lots of thanks to the kind people that let us stay at their farm where we made lifelong memories! :-)

We are very happy to read such words, full of enthusiasm and happiness! It seems this TV experience is already bringing a vawe of new and fresh energy to our Lene. Her message let us know about another detail of the programme: Lene will sing a song of each one of the other artist and all the other singers will sing one of her songs. We are looking forward to watching the show, which is expected to be very funny and interesting!


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