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25 April 2012 - 11:10
Looking for more Lene music
After the last songs, all the fans and the staff are looking for other tracks containing Lene's voice. "S'pose" and "What Have I Done" have been much appreciated and left more open room for other music with Lene Marlin's seal.

Thanks to the album "September Blue" by Frida Amundsen, released in Norway a few days ago, we can go on riding the vawe: "Yesterday's Gone", the song co-written by Lene and included in the CD as last track, is a down-tempo sung by Frida with just a piano and strings accompaining her voice. It recalls the sound of the recent "S'pose", as well as the melody of "It's true" and some tracks of "Twist The Truth". A very good single which makes Frida's album even more precious. Happy listening!
Below, a wonderful picture of Lene playing the piano captured from Another Day DVD (2003), as a greeting to all fans.


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