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08 September 2011 - 22:06
Lene in studio, but no new album soon
We paste below the message left this morning by Lene on her Facebook page, related to some articles published a few days ago, which dealt with Lene being working in studio in New York earlier this summer. Lene confirms having spent some time in US, London and Stockholm recently, but not for the recordings of her fifth album. Nevertheless, she leaves some room open for another release from her sometimes in the future, but she does not give futher details on that.

Dear Lene, your fans are waiting for you!

Message from Lene:

I know some of you are waiting for a new album, and when the day comes when I decide to record one I will let you know. Maybe not straight away, as it takes some time to get started (right songs, right sound etc) :-) but I won't just release one without telling you. And I promise you, I am not working on an album right now. You know me, it takes a while between releases :-)

I have been to New York, London and Stockholm lately, but that's all songwriting. Of course, some of the songs I sing myself if I'm the only singer in the room, but my involvement stops there.

I was asked by someone who had heard one of the songs if I had changed my musical style. No guitars, all synths :-) so you can imagine I have a lot of fun singing something different!




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