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28 August 2011 - 15:49
Another year goes by!
Another year goes by!
Time flies and fades memories away a bit, but the emotions which go with those moments and are now linked to them, still remain vivid. That is because minds can blur or delete entire events, but hearts hardly "forgot" important moments.
So, still today, when you happen to hear a Lene's song on the radio, the emotions you felt when you listened to it live, with Lene present, come back again and you can recall a lot of memories of events, smiles and happy moments.
Thank you, Lene, for all this! This year, our wish is actually to be able to give to us and to you new emotions soon; heart is always in need of them, more than mind does with memories!

A big thank you goes to all the fans, too, especially to the more committed ones, which contributed to create most of those moments, and also to record them!
Moreover, on August 19th, we celebrated the anniversary of our fan club, and this was the 11th, already! A big "happy birthday" to all of us, then!


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