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24 July 2011 - 01:00
Terror in Oslo - Our thoughts and prayers for the Norwegian people
A strong and sincere feeling of mourning and friendship for the victims of this terrorist attack and for all the Norwegians who are living now moments of fear and suffering.
We have walked on those streets, welcomed by friendly faces, spent so happy days... we feel close to Oslo and to Norway, now more than ever.

Lene has published a message on her Facebook page:

Young people killed by a fake police officer, a bomb exploding in the middle of the city. We will never be the same after this... My heart goes out to the people who have lost loved ones, and the people who pray to keep theirs. I know there are a lot of people seriously hurt, let's pray for them!

I heard the blast from where I live. And right now there are helicopters going back and forth to hospitals. I have a few friends that came to my home hours ago. One of them was supposed to be in the area waiting for my other friends to pick him up in their car, but left to go buy a present. His luggage is still at the train station after coming to Oslo today. That station is now evacuated. All of them are safe, and in my home right now.

We don't know yet who is behind this. And let's not assume anything. We should not contribute to fear! I'm with friends and loved ones, and those who are not here I have talked to, told them we are safe, and that I love them.

Dear Lene, our heart is close to yours and to those of all the Norwegian people. The physical distance has never made us feel far from you and your country, and neither does it today. A hug from your fanclub!


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