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19 May 2011 - 21:56
A new message from Lene!
After several months, Lene wrote again on her Facebook page. No announcements about a new album out soon, but Lene has not lost her willing to write music and co-work with other musicians and producers. She tells us she wants to stay far from the spotlight and to enjoy the summer –full of music– which is about to start! Here's the message:

Hope you're well! Haven't posted anything in a while. I swear, it's almost like I was supposed to live in the stone age or something :-) I'm not on Twitter, hardly on email and don't like too talk on the phone too much. Well, that's me :-)

Anyway, I AM here - just not so visible at times! Working a lot, writing songs and having fun in the studio. Meeting lots of great songwriters and producers. However, I don't plan a new album just yet. I know some of you want to know. Although I don't plan anything, I still need to write music. So that's what I do, and will be doing for the next few months as well.

I'm enjoying the sun these days, knowing that winter is over for now! Hope you're all happy too :-)


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