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09 March 2010 - 13:05
"It's about time", the second song written by Lene for Aleksander With
In a message on her Myspace and Facebook pages, today Lene told us that recently she "disappeared" into songwriting work and she spent lots of time in recording studio.
Among the songs she wrote, one of them has been included into Aleksander With's new album, "Still awake", released a few days ago. The song is called "It's about time" and is the second song Lene wrote for the recent work of the former Norwegian Idol winner. In "Still awake" we can also find the duet "Worth it", released as a single in the past months.
Hereunder, you can find the lyrics (from aleksanderwith.no):

It's about time

Would you say that you've done things right
That there's nothing that you would do different
That you've kept what is dear inside
That your conscience is clear
That you're good
That you've always understood

What's needed of the people around you
They'll always find you
No need to look far, that's who you are

You didn't hear him scream
No one to open the door
No one to let him inside
Don't say that you've tried
You know that's a lie
You didn't hear her call
No one to answer the phone
No one to make her come home

She's out there alone, and you know why
It's about time that you try
What's the reason for absence
Did you go to the moon, are you superman
Can you explain the intolerance
Is there something you know that we never can
I don't think you understand

What's needed of the people around you
They'll never find you
No need to look far, that's who you are


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