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10 August 2009 - 16:51
Interview to Roberto Casalino on lene.it Myspace!
A few weeks ago, our fan Stephy pointed out on a website an interview to the Italian singer/songwriter Roberto Casalino. Besides being the author of some songs of Italian "X Factor" winner Giusy Ferreri's latest album, he just released his first solo album "L'atmosfera nascosta" ("The hidden atmosphere").
In the interview we got to know that one song of the record - "Mi manchi" ("I miss you") - has something to do with Lene. In fact, the inspiration for writing it came to Roberto while he was listening to Lene's "Another day"!
Quoting his words: "This song was born on a train. I was going to Tuscany to meet some friends of mine. I was listening to "Another day", a very gloomy and intimate album by Lene Marlin, on my Ipod. I was looking outside the window, it was raining and suddenly I got the urge to take the notebook I always bring with me. I turned my Ipod down and I wrote everything that came to my mind about a relationship ended a few months before. I immediately recorded the melody, suggested by words, on my mobile. And "Mi manchi" was born".

Read our interview (scroll down the page til the end of Italian interview).


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