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13 April 2009 - 18:52
"Here WE are", a fans tribute video
On Sunday 22nd March about fifteen fans gathered to celebrate ten years from the Italian release of the first Lene album, "Playing my game". After a large meal and lots of cheers, we decided to get an idea which lasted for some time in our minds done. As in the last Lene video some fans pictures and part of videos appear... why not make a video entirely made by and with fans? A sort of remake of the video, but also a tribute to Lene and to "Here we are".
So, we started preparing everything, and fixed recordings for that day. The idea was to give to the single fan a couple of parts where Lene plays in the original video, with in between some recordings we have from previous meetings with Lene.
At the beginning everything started kinda funny and in a "light" mood, but, when recordings started, everyone tried to do his/her best and to be as "professional" as he/she could be. The recordings went by faster than expected and everyone played his/her role in an almost perfect way. In the following days, we chose the parts of our videos which fit the best and added some additional frames. We trusted on Andrea (speedfight) for the editing and frames synchronization and he got very quickly the final video ready, adding some funny backstage moments, and you can watch it via this link or hereunder.

We really had an incredibly good time during recordings and we would like to thank everyone who was involved and helped to make this idea become real. We know Lene liked very much the video and we hope it would be the same for all the fans! Enjoy!


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