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21 March 2009 - 15:30
Myspace, lenemarlintv, Lene live and official pictures... lots of news!
Let's sum up some important recent news: first of all, Lene Marlin Myspace has been updated for new album promotion, with "Here we are" video and a brand new graphic dress.
To launch the new video on Youtube, a new channel, lenemarlintv, has been created, as a new Lene space on the Net.
We also remind you that on March 30th, besides the 6 songs web release concert recorded for VG online tv, Lene Marlin, starting from 12 am CET, will participate to a Q&A session. Fans can send their questions by going to this page, fill in the fields with title, question and first name. Then just click to send it. Thanks to Tef Johs over at lene-marlin.info for this news.
Last but not least, "Here we are" video has been uploaded also on Emi Norway website, which also published some official pictures for the new album; among them, one shot is very similar to album cover's drawing. You can see them all on lene-marlin.info gallery.


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