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20 March 2009 - 08:24
Lot of FANS in video for single "Here We Are"!!
Thanks to EMI, we can bring you this wonderful news today: the new Lene Marlin video "Here we Are" was finished last Sunday and will be released very soon! It's quite a departure from her earlier videos in that it has a more intimate documentary-feel. The video even features a lot of fans. So look out. You might be in it!

We think it's another dream that comes true! We will very likely see for the very first time parts of the recordings Alistair Norbury and other people made during our meetings with Lene in the last years. And all the world will be able to see them! That's really fantastic and shows how much Lene appreciates the time she spent with her fans!

Special thanks to Geir HÝrnes, director of the video (he also directed the video for "How would it be")


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