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17 February 2009 - 19:54
"Here We Are" ... NOW!
Today "Here We Are", the first single form Lene Marlin's fourth album "Twist The Truth" was premiered on Norwegian radios. Our fans working or knowing people in local radio networks over here have already started spreading the word.

About the new album, in an article entitled "New Notes From Lene" (in our Press Review) Norwegian newspaper Nordlys confirms that the album will have a new sound and most of the songs are quite different from the idea we've had so far of Lene. More acoustics, new instruments never used before, and a bit of country. Thanks Tef Johs for the translation.

The new single "Here We Are" has been published today at 10 AM on Lene's Myspace: www.myspace.com/lenemarlin

The song has a strong personality emerging right form the start, which is pretty intense itself. Lene's voice then fits the melody perfectly and follows it along the musical phrases, rising together with the strings, drums, bass and even a mandolin. This song seems to be confirming that Lene is experiencing one of her most inspired periods ever. The finale is stunning, we recommend loud volume listening!
If this is just the beginning, we can easily expect a stunning fourth album that could open all the doors in the world to Lene. The doors of her fans' hearts are already wide open: here we are!

Thanks to Domle, here's an exclusive preview of the new single's cover (probably a promo release): pink background and a rope forming two knots...


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