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31 December 2008 - 15:11
Vote Lene Marlin on "The VG Lista best song ever" final stage
The voting session to choose the "VG Lista best song ever" has been opened today.
In October the most voted ten songs were picked up to fight for the final stage, Lene's Unforgivable Sinner among them.
Now it is time to support Lene and Unforgivable Sinner to win the competition!
To do so, go to this page and click on " STEM PÅ DIN FAVORITT HER!!", then thick "Lene Marlin - Unforgivable Sinner" and click on "Stem". As in the first stage voting session, registration is required.
The winner will be announced at Spelleman Award ceremony, on January, 24 2009.


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