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19 September 2008 - 00:18
Five years of Lene - Italian meeting in Milan, Sept. 19-20th 2003
Here we are, here's our second appointment with the five-years anniversaries of Lene Marlin's career and our fanclub!

One of the milestone dates in the history of Lene Marlin's Italian fanclub is the one of the first big fan gathering to meet Lene for the first time: an unerasable memory that still fills with nostalgia the hearts of the many fans present that day in Milan.
Actually, before the huge meeting at the Feltrinelli Music Store (esteems said 400 people!) there had been another brief meeting with Lene on the TV show "Play.it". In the All Music studios some fans met Lene in person for the very first time.
Lene seemed very relaxed and reserved as we all had pictured her, but on the other hand she must had been very excited too, she had a big smile and would care about everyone.
Lene had already been in Italy in 1999 at Festivalbar and in 2000 at the Sanremo festival, but nobody before 2003 had had the opportunity to meet her in person, take the first pictures together, get the first autographs. This happened though for all those at All Music and Feltrinelli - all of them. Lene herself wanted to, and at the end of the day she seemed tired indeed, also beacuse of the hot last days of summer, of the crowd and the lack of air conditioning in the store. But we are confident that even if she got away overwhelmed, she was also happy to receive so much affection from her most loyal fans, who from that day on would show her unconditional loyalty.
This wasn't Lene's first public appearance in 2003, but was one of the very first, so she was likely not to be that comfortable among many new people asking her questions, and surely more pushing than her compatriots. Furthermore, the fanclub members were really excited and had planned everything accurately, things Lene wasn't probably used to: there were Norwegian flags (even painted on faces!), cameras filming, a table full of gifts, sweets and sparkling wine; in addition, she received flowers from the fanclub, to which Lene wrote a special dedication, and she took pictures with everybody.
What an incredible, unforgettable day! Three historical events happened that day: the official presentation of Lene's new album "Another Day"; the presence of "You Weren't There" at #1 in the Italian single Chart; Lene.it becoming official!
We couldn't ask more, but the next day was just as amazing as the previous one: Lene sang at the Festivalbar finale in the Arena di Verona. After the concert, six fans met by chance Lene in Piazza Erbe and were invited to a club where there was a party with all the artists from Festivalbar. Here the fans cheered to Lene and to these days when the fanclub took the first step from virtual to real.
There had been other local gatherings in the past, but 2003 is a milestone in our history, even five years later, now that Lene has had her first solo concert: that is the dream the fans carry, together with the one of an italian tour, to write another chapter in the history of Lene Marlin's career and of the life of the italian fans.


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