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26 August 2008 - 12:00
Lene live in Drammen - "Come Home" lyrics
Last friday August 22nd, Lene Marlin performed live opening the Elvefestivalen in Drammen, Norway. The tracklist was the same as in the previous concert, in Sokndal: nine songs, two of which unreleased but known by those who follow Lene in these appointments.

After the concert, many fans have met Lene and the band for about half an hour. Many people have had the chance to see Lene in concert and meet her for the first time. Lene was very happy with the banners and the gifts from her loyal fans and we look forward to this friday, when she will be performing in Karlstad, Sweden.

Thanks to Luke, Domle, Koletz and Attilio, here's a transcription of the lyrics of "Come Home", one of the two new songs Lene sang in Sokndal and Drammen. We hope it's as close as possible to the actual text, and hope it will be included in Lene's fourth album.

COME HOME (Lene Marlin)

Just wanna lock the door
Leave it all inside
Turn off all the lights
I just wanna hide

Don't bother look for me
Not even sure that you would
So I don't have to tell
I'm not feeling well these days

Just give me directions
I'll go anywhere
I need to find something
I cannot find there
Give me the chance
And I'll prove that you're wrong
I'll manage so fine
I can be strong
And maybe I wanna come home
And maybe I wanna come home

Just wanna stay in bed
Stay right here from now
Left here with my thoughts
I don't know how

Have to face another day
I'm not ready for its end
So I don't have to show
That I'm not ok this way



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