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17 August 2008 - 16:22
New album and concerts: Lene at full speed
In the last days we got so many news that we need to sum them up - and add some more details, so we can get it clearer.

The main things are the new album and the concerts.

Regarding Lene Marlin's fourth album, she herself said yesterday in an interview that there is the project of a new disc, then she confirmed this to the italian fans who met her after her performance in Sokndal: Lene is working on it, but there is no promotion planned yet. So no release date at present, but our feeling is that a new single could come out this autumn. We are of course waiting for the title of the album and the tracklist to be announced.

Regarding the concerts, Lene sang yesterday in Sokndal and will perform at the Elvefestivalen on August 22nd: in these concerts she sings nine songs, two of which are unreleased (one is totally new). Then, on August 29th Lene will sing live in a concert in Karlstad, Sweden: it's going to be a Lene-only 80-minutes concert in a theatre, which is something totally new in her career. Her first full individual concert, we may say.
After the summer and Christmas performances in 2007 in Norway, Lene is thus moving again out of the borders of her homeland, first of all to Sweden. Then we guess she will be back to France and Italy - and Great Britain too, considering that she's recently moved to London.

It really seems Lene Marlin's promotional activity has started. She's actually quite unpredictable and can surprise everybody even in a very few days, like she did this time: we hardly can keep the pace with all the anniversaries, concerts, albums, collaborations, and new songs that could be in the new album.

So, a big thankyou to Lene, who seems truly at full speed (like always, have to say), to the nice guys of her band, to her managers who are helping us and make the meetings with her possible. Another big thankyou to all the fans, who always look for news and help organizing all the travels to see Lene. Thank you finally to the four italians who were in Sokndal yesterday for the "heroic" journey they made - especially Domle, who provided us with a full report from the whole day.

In the next days there will be time and place for many other fans going to see Lene: we expect about 30 from Italy and other countries will be in Drammen, in the biggest Lene-fans international gathering ever.


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